About Us

Are you addicted to ball pythons? Welcome! You have come to the right place!

www.BallPythonAddiction.com is the inspiration of Angelo Barlas, a herpetoculturist dedicated to  sharing the passion of keeping ball pythons with fellow enthusiasts.

Our History

One of Angelo’s prior accomplishments included breeding betta splendens morphs. Angelo earned a few show titles, but his greatest joy was distributing his bloodlines to other hobbyists in the USA and Canada.

The betta hobby took a back burner as a new career took up available hobby time, but the void was filled with the quest of finally owning a ball python as a pet.

In the past, Angelo always researched and contacted respectable breeders to acquire the best established animals. His efforts led him to Mark Mandic of Markus Jane Enterprises back in 2005. Angelo bought his first normal ball python from Mark as a pet.

That first pet acquisition has led to many new acquisitions, which has grown to spawn many new ball python projects today.

In Conclusion

We hope you will enjoy our little footprint on the web dedicated to the addiction of ball pythons. We aim to keep this site alive with information and entertainment and NEVER to remain a static website.

This website is brand new with more interesting content coming soon, so please check back often. If you need to contact us, please use our nifty little contact form.