Coconut Husk Substrate

Many reptile and amphibian enthusiasts including many big breeders have switched to Coconut Husk Chips as their new ideal terrarium substrate.  Coconut Husk Chips are

  • very absorbent,
  • easy to spot clean,
  • resistant to mould through many wet / dry cycles,
  • very versatile in application from high humidity to dry terrarium habitats,
  • great for promoting trouble-free sheds and
  • long lasting.

Coconut husk chips are available in a small and medium grade, perfect for the smallest to the largest of all reptiles.  Medium grade chips are ideal for large lizards, Colubrids, boas and pythons while the small grade is great for smaller reptiles and amphibians.  Mix the two grades together for a great natural looking terrarium.

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We have a lot of this material on-hand. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this substrate.

8.0 Kg compressed bales are $ 30.00 (taxes included)

Toronto-area pick-up. Please inquire about shipping to your area.