2013 Ball Python Addiction Customer Appreciation Event

We are officially announcing the 2013 Ball Python Addiction Customer Appreciation Event, where our customers get a chance to score one 2013 Lightning Pied male. This event is open to all our loyal customers who have purchased a 2013 hatch-ling from us this year. Each purchase of a 2013 hatch-ling gives you a single entry into this event. The event will run until December  31st, 2013 and the lucky entrant will be  announced on January 1st, 2014. Customers who have already purchased a 2013 hatch-ling have their entries already automatically entered for this event. Shipping fees are the sole responsibility of the participant.  As we are busy updating our availability on our website, please do not hesitate to use our Contact Form for any stock availability.

We like to take the time and thank all our our past customers, past and present. It is your choice in  letting us serve you who helped us grow our passion over the years.  It will be a pleasure for us to serve you  again, and let us help you put a quality ball python in your collection.

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