Year of the Snake

It has been a while since we have done a web update but things have been busy around here. We have moved, and so did the collection during the mid-breeding season. Despite the lousy timing of the move, and fearing sub par egg production, we managed to get a few key clutches in the incubator and will be proud to show a few nice morphs to the ball python community. We have shifted gears on this years breeding plan to enhance our collection palette with the infusion of the Enchi, Bling Yellowbelly, and Vanilla genes.  These three basic morphs will enhance anyone’s collection and take it to the next level.

When I first laid eyes on the Enchi morph, I was not impressed much by its appearance.  Years later when the combos started showing up on the web, I saw that it was a must needed gene to mix into the collection.  The Enchi is a great pattern reducer and colour-boosting morph. Evident changes in vibrancy occur within six months to a year of age.   The Enchi works well with other pattern genes such as Spider and Pinstripe and even makes an incredible albino version. One unexpected outcome was the fact that it could pattern back on morphs such as Piebalds and Champagnes.

The Bling Yellowbelly is a line of Yellowbelly (aka het ivory) discovered  and labeled by NERD.  In our opinion, the Bling line is a classic representation of what a Yellowbelly specimen should look like.  Yellowbellies clean up a snake’s coloration somewhat and can put some vivid flames of blushing on the sides of the snake.  Make sure you check out NERD’S Inferno project as it is a testament to the Bling line.  Besides the fact that Yellowbellies can enhance other morphs, its other power is that it doubles your projects as a gene unlocker.  When bred to other morphs such as Specters, Gravels and Sparks, abberant striped gems such as Superstripe’s, Puma’s and Highway’s evolve.  A very versatile  and must have morph for ball python collectors these days.

Lastly the Vanilla morph is making great strides in making new combos.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but here is another gene that will clean up and hold vivid colour. We have acquired a Vanilla line that consistently produces clean vibrant hatchlings which maintains into adulthood.  The future is bright for the Vanilla gene.

These three basic morphs are becoming game changers in the ball python hobby.  The fact that these three morphs each have a Super version,  gives the genes great power in the future creation of beautiful ball pythons.

Happy breeding endeavors to everyone in 2013 and please visit often to check out this seasons developments.  Make sure to visit and ‘like’ our Facebook page.  In celebration of the Year of the Snake, we will  unveil a great new appreciation event to those people acquiring our 2013 stock. Stay Tuned!

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